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My Diet and Mental Health Experience

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share something with you that has helped me make positive, dramatic changes in my life! Not many people know that I've suffered on and off from anxiety and depression over the years.

Sometimes your sadness/emptiness can't be explained. Sometimes it can.

Over the years after having a few life threatening health scares I decided to change my diet in attempt to save my life. At that point it wasn't a hard decision because my life was literally on the line and I just wasn't feeling right inside.

Now, I always say don't wait until you're sick to get healthy! You don't want to wish or be like should've, would've, could've but now you can't. Thats a pretty bad feeling and I've been there but anyway were getting off topic!

Growing up nutrition wasn't really a thing that was discussed in my house. It was just me and my very busy, single mom working her a** off just so that we could have a roof over our heads. There was no time to stop and think about all of the processed foods we were putting in our bodies. There was no time to think about the repercussions of lack of nutrition.

Back then my skin looked terrible and I always felt bloated which sucked....Fast forward after my health scare and all of the anxiety and depression I was experiencing I decided enough was enough.

I started incorporating more whole foods into my life and wow it was life changing. Once I cut down on the processed sugars and high sodium canned stuff I felt such a difference mentally and physically! I'm not saying my anxiety and depression went away but my mind was clear enough to be able to manage it. More times than others it was nonexistent.

Things like fruits, vegetables, and grains became a staple. I even noticed my pallet started to change, I no longer craved the processed stuff. It took a while but now I just have no desire(I still cave every now and then lol). It makes sense how cutting down on sugar could help reduce anxiety... just look at what a kid does when they're given a ton of sugar...they start bouncing off of the walls!

At one point in my life I even did a 21 day water fast (one of the hardest things I've ever done) lol. I'll tell you guys about that in a later post but I will tell you after that fast I really understood the connection between the effect of food on the human body.

This is obviously a random topic but I just wanted to share with you guys because you guys are important to me and so is your health! There is a ton of information out here that can help you that I hope to share with you beyond diet. :)

Anyway, watch what you eat, you'll feel better!!! :)

Love you guys!

xo Shay


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